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Bozburun is a fishing village with a small charming harbor. It is a perfect place to relax and enjoy in local restaurants and cafes. On Tuesday mornings there is an open market where you can buy just about anything you can remember. Bozburun is world famous for its boat building tradition which has been handed down for generations. Every October there is an International Gulet Festival. It is also known for its thyme honey and marble quarries. Those quarries could be the explanation given on how Marmaris got its name. For its inhabitants fishing, sponge diving and apiculture are the main means of livelihood. The peninsula offers an inside into life in rural Turkey as it was, 100 years ago. One of the oldest trees in Turkey (1000 years old) is located in Bozburun. 

Kizkumu beach

Every year thousands of tourists travel to Marmaris to experience walking on water. Kizkumu beach is located in the Orhaniye Bay. Kizkumu is an area of 600 metre shallow water that divides the bay. The sand is formed in such a way which allows walking on water. Anchored yachts can be found very close because the water nearby is very deep. According to the legend, a king’s daughter falls in love and wants to leave with a fisherman. Her father is against their relationship and hires soldiers to capture them. While running away from the soldiers the girl filled her skirt with the sand and started moving ahead in the sea. When she ran out of the sand, she drowned. Kizkumu beach is also popular for jeep safari companies who stop by the waterfall in Turgut village.