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Sailing Yacht Charter in Marmaris - Tips to Yacht Charter

Sailing yacht charter's age

Is the Age of the Charter Yacht Important?

The age of the charter yacht should definitely be one of the factors you should take into consideration when choosing a boat. You do not have to pay a lot of money for a well maintained, clean and fully functioning yacht of somewhat older age. The yachts that have been built in the last six years are usually considered new, while the ones between six and ten years of age should be properly and regularly maintained and only be chartered through reliable charter companies. Make sure that your charter company provides you with the details on the yacht you wish to charter. Look into its reputation and the quality of yachts they offer beforehands in order to avoid chartering an old and unsafe yacht.

Marmaris - check out procedure

Check-out Procedure in a Charter Base in Marmaris

Although your charter period is from Saturday to Saturday, you should return to the charter base on Friday evening and you can spend the night on the yacht. If you are unable to return to the charter base on Friday, you must inform the base about it. If this should happen, be sure to arrive to the charter base before 8 a.m. on Saturday so that the check-out could be done and the yacht could be ready for the following charter.

During the check-out, the boat documents are handed to the charter base agents. The yacht is then checked by the skipper and a member of the charter base staff. If they find no damages and all the yacht's inventory intact, the security deposit is returned to you.

More on Charter Sailing Yachts

If a sailing yacht is your choice for a charter vacation, you may want to find out more about certain sailing yacht brands. The most popular brands for charter in Marmaris are Beneteau, Jeanneau, Hanse, Bavaria, Dufour and Elan. Get to know Beneteau sailing yachts on Beneteau Yacht Selection or discover the top features of Jeanneau sailing yachts on Jeanneau Yacht Selection. Visit the pages dedicated to Hanse and Dufour sailing yachts or find out how to charter Bavaria and Elan sailboats. The choice of the perfect brand is all yours!