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Motor yacht for charter

Should you Choose a Sailing Yacht or a Motor Yacht?

There are several benefits of choosing a motor yacht over a sailing yacht:

- Motor yachts have more space for entertainment, larger cabins and head facilities,  useable deck space.
- Motor yacht cabins are more comfortable.
- Motor yachts usually have a stylish interior, great electronic and entertainment amenities.
- Motor yachts feature sophisticated technological navigational and communications systems.
- Motor yacht charters are great for those with little sailing experience. It is easier to operate a motor yacht because they have stabilizers to help steady the yacht.
- Motor yachts are faster.

The choice is yours to make!


A day on a motor boat

Typical Day on a Motor Yacht

You normally start the day with breakfast, on board or on shore. Afterwards, you could do some shopping, swimming, sightseeing, fishing or prepare the boat for the trip to the next destination. You should consult daily weather charts when choosing the route and check the fuel. Then, you can start your day following the route, going as far as you like and anchor wherever and whenever you like in some nice bay and enjoy lunch. Time until dinner can be spent cruising around beautiful coastline or the islands, or even in the open sea, enjoying the sun and the sea. Before the night falls, find a nice marina or some peaceful anchorage. If you choose a marina, you can spend the evening sightseeing, enjoying local cuisine and nightlife.

Motor Yachts - Speed and Freedom

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